"Since starting with ReachABA over a year ago, our son's behavior has drastically improved. He had very aggressive and destructive behaviors that were his form of communication. Our therapist has been collaborating with his team at school. Now he is doing very well at school and we aren't getting calls to pick him up anymore. He is happy and enjoys his sessions with his therapy team with Reach ABA."

Susan M.

"Our daughter was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 4. Her behavioral doctor recommended ABA therapy and we were referred to ReachABA. While contacting them, we have no idea what to expect, how this will impact our daughter's life and will it help. It turned out that we found a PERFECT TEAM to work with our daughter and the whole family. Stephanie made the whole process easy and bearable from the start including the dreaded "insurance stuff," paper works and scheduling. Our therapists are THE BEST! They are the most caring and knowledgeable therapists. My daughter is where she is now (talking in sentences, little to no tantrums, reading, counting and doing things we can't do a year ago) because of the whole team. They opened a whole lot of possibilities for what our daughter can do. We can't ask for a better team of hard working and dedicated group to help us."

Exseli C.


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