What is ABA?

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Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based method focused on understanding and improving human behavior.  ABA works to teach new skills, reduce problem behavior, and enhance the academic, vocational, and social life of an individual.  Within an ABA program, specific behaviors are objectively defined and targeted for decrease using an individually planned approach, while replacement skills are taught and solidified.  Overall, ABA seeks to improve the quality of life of the individual and those closest with them.

 Autism Spectrum Disorders - Developmental Delay - Attention Deficit Disorders

ABA has time and time again been proven to be an effective teaching model for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delay, Attention Deficit Disorders, and other learning barriers.  Each program is completely individualized, and skills are systematically taught with ongoing data analysis and program changes as needed.  Skills that are addressed include, but are not limited to:

In Home Care Behavior Therapist Counselors In Chicago

·      Communication

·      Self Care

·      Executive Functioning

·      Social Skills

·      Self Monitoring

·      Behavior

What To Expect When you Decide to Start with ABA Services

At the onset of ABA services, an assessment will occur with your child to determine the level and types of programs that would be most beneficial to start. This assessment will be as individualized to your child as possible and will follow these basic steps:

  1. A parent consult meeting will be held to determine basic needs, parental concerns, discussion of problem behavior and background history.

  2. An assessment will be scheduled, whereas your child’s assigned case manager will directly assess your child. The assessment tool used will be determined based on the previous information gathered.

  3. A simultaneous parent interview will take place to gather additional information in order to develop as comprehensive a plan as possible.

  4. Insurance verification and approval will be sought prior to the start of ongoing services.

  5. Once approval is given and the assessment is complete, a kickoff meeting will take place with the entire team, to review the plan and introduce all persons involved.

  6. Sessions commence following the initial kickoff with your child’s assigned therapists. Your assigned case manager will attend sessions weekly unless otherwise discussed. Your case manager is always available via phone or email if not present physically for questions, concerns or comments!

  7. Program review and updates will occur weekly.

  8. Team meetings will occur on a regular, ongoing basis to ensure optimal progress. Team meetings may include ABA therapists, BCBA's, case manager, clinical director, and parents.