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ReachABA's Team

We work with a dedicated, experienced team of therapists and BCBAs. ReachABA's therapists are required to have a bachelor's degree or higher in psychology or a related field. Therapists must have experience implementing ABA programming and are required to undergo our extensive training program as well as pass a skills exam.

ReachABA's BCBAs are required to have a master's degree or higher in education, behavior analysis, or a related field. BCBAs certification must be in good standing with the Board Certification of Behavior Analysis. All BCBAs and therapists must go through a background check as well as several professional reference checks. 

ReachABA also serves as a practicum site for aspiring Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are currently pursuing graduate degrees through The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, as well as providing supervision for those pursuing degrees through other programs.  Through ongoing training, mentorship, and supervision, we work with these future BCBAs to help guide and support them while they are working to achieve their degrees.