Social Groups

Childrens ABA Therapist For Social Skills Development in Chicago IL

One of the most difficult areas for many children is social interactions.  Some children may miss out on natural opportunities to engage in and practice appropriate social skills.  For many children, social interactions are too intimidating, too difficult, or just not reinforcing to them.  We firmly believe that the improvement of social skills can have a major impact on the overall quality of an individuals ‘s life. 

To address this area, ReachABA of Chicago, IL offers small, specialized social skills groups.  This process may include:

  • initial completion of a phone interview
  • placement in an age and skill appropriate group
  • customized curriculum for small social groups, meeting once a week for 10 weeks
  • progress report at the completion of each session

Curriculum can include:

·      Appropriate greetings

·      Fine tuning imitation skills

·      Identifying and understanding social cues from others

·      Perspective taking

·      Conversational Skills

·      Game playing and turn taking