Counseling Services

  1. Did your child recently receive an Autism (ASD) diagnosis and you’re trying to figure out what this means for your family?

  2. Are you confused and/or overwhelmed by your child’s new ASD diagnosis due to all the services/stigma/information that comes with this new knowledge?

  3. Does your child with ASD have a sibling who may be struggling and needs their own support?

  4. Is your child stuck and in need of additional support beyond the traditional approach with ABA/OT?

ABA Behavioral Therapist For Autism Spectrum Children

At ReachABA, we believe having a licensed clinical social worker on our team is important because we understand how hard it can be to find a clinician who understands and believes in ABA therapy while also supporting the cognitive and emotional aspects of life. Our in house clinician, John Guilfoile, has extensive experience working with children on the autism spectrum.

Parents who work with John report that he understands and empathizes with their child in a way that produces positive results from their work together. For children who struggle to communicate, having John interpret their challenging behaviors to family members can be a powerful way to bring families closer together. His main mission in this work is to help the family system function smoothly and happily as a whole, whether that be through helping the individual, parents, or entire. Through open communication, an ability to empathize, and the use of evidence based practices, working with John will help your family get the well rounded support it deserves.

If you are interested in learning more about our ABA counseling services in Chicago please call John at 312-324-4523 or email him at