One of the most difficult areas for children with autism, developmental delay, or other difficulties is in the social domain.   When learning is difficult, children often miss out on natural opportunities to engage in and practice appropriate social skills.  For many children, social interactions are intimidating, too difficult, or just not reinforcing to them.  We firmly believe that the improvement of social skills can have a major impact on the overall quality of an individuals ‘s life. 

To address this area, following an individualized assessment your child’s team will work on skills such as:

·      Appropriate greetings

·      Fine tuning imitation skills

·      Identifying and understanding social cues from others

·      Perspective taking

·      Conversational Skills

·      Game playing and turn taking

Oftentimes, your child’s team will work on social skills in a more contrived, structured setting, then begin addressing those same skills in new environments.  For some children, this may include outings into the community or structured social groups with peers.